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Prairie Moon

Marina & Renata are the two sisters who make up Prairie & Moon. Marina is a connector - of places, times, and most importantly people; Renata is the eternal student and teacher. Together, they facilitate moon circles and workshops dedicated to empower individuals to find their inner Wild Wo|Mxn. A Wild Wo|Mxn has peeled back their layers to embrace their most authentic selves. Born of nature and ambition, we aim to discover what fuels each of our deepest passions, and help ease the transition to embodying our authentic selves in modern society.

Wild Women River Excursion

Join us as we take an excursion to the river where you will be seated amongst the rocks on the riverbed, learning about the wild woman archetype. Prairie & Moon will lead a guided meditation where we can peel back some of our layers (physically if comfortable and metaphorically) and then getting into the river to wash ourselves of the shame our society has put on us and being reborn in our authentic selves. With this safe space, we’d like to encourage the sharing of stories and true envelopment of sisterhood. A place to be truly free!

Registration and payment is required to attend this workshop held Saturday July 15, 2023 from 130-230pm.

*Limited space available (40 max)

**Carpooling from the festival to location will be pre-arranged

***This is 1 hour in length, rain or shine. Meet at Day Parking Parking lot on Saturday at 1:15pm . The trip down to the river is a 10 minute drive.

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