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Ohm Wellness

I am a Somatic Practitioner and Wellness Advisor. Registered Massage Therapist. Reiki Master. Certified in Meditation & Breathwork. I have over a decade of experience in the healing world, working one on one with clients.

I help people to examine their own mind and bodies, with various somatic practices. I bring awareness and practices for trauma stuck in the body tissues and energy systems, and help others truly start to take steps at building the life they want. I empower my clients by giving them effective tools that they can use in their day to day life.

I am deeply passionate about working with Mothers & Crones that are actively working on the generational & societal trauma passed down to them. I value community and sisterhood and host monthly New Moon Cacao & Ecstatic Dance Ceremonies. I believe magical things happen when womxn come together with the intention of healing.

Reiki Massage Treatments

My Reiki Massage treatments are a powerful reset and empowerment session. They give insight & guidance, connecting the mind/heart/body/soul using specific, individualized tools for each person. I do a thorough assessment & use various somatic practices such as sound healing, aromatherapy, breathwork, meditation, massage therapy, fascial cupping, crystals/stones, Smudging, talk therapy (CBT & DBT based) & an Intuitive Oracle Card Pull

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