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Nina Infinity

As a Transformational Guide and Earth Priestess, Nina Infinity creates uplifting, inspiring ceremonies and lovingly holds space for heart centred women to activate and express their inner magic and unique essence.

Weaving modern healing practices with Ancient Elemental Earth wisdom, Nina uniquely blends sacred cacao, ecstatic movement, meditation, breathwork, sound healing and light language into nourishing, soul filling journeys that foster transformation, connection & celebration.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Join Nina Infinity in The Bloom Tent for this nourishing Sacred Cacao Ceremony. Connect with the Spirit of Cacao, a gentle plant ally that supports you in opening your heart and attuning to your inner wisdom. Infuse the delicious elixir with your essence, breath and prayers, and then be guided on a journey to activate your crystal and tune inward to receive wisdom and insight. Our ceremony will close with a sharing circle to integrate and ground the experience.

Please bring: a crystal you wish to work with, journal & pen, and water to drink.

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