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Naomi Mailhot

As a spiritual guide, I have made it my journey to help you find your full authentic life force by allowing you to create pathways of success through a holistic and spiritual way of being. Using empowerment mindsets, healing tools and foundations, and spiritual connections, we can build a stronger foundation and platform for you to thrive.

As A medium, I can give guidance and insight pertaining to the past, present and future, connections to loved ones passed, and spiritual coaching/empowerment. Mediumship is a tool I use to help bring a connection to the spiritual journey and the inner power we all have to heal our lives.

I have come from losing everything to uncovering the spirit within me, and I want to share my journey and healing with you. All of my readings and coaching services are empowering, compassionate, and truthful and bring you the information you need on the journey. All sessions offered are empowering and transformational and can help enhance your wellness and personal growth success.

Tap into your Sacred Intuition and let your Inner Guide lead the way!

This is your intuition calling, are you listening?

Learn how to tune in and receive messages and guidance on a deeper level. Connect to your intuitive pathways to feel support and guided by the Universe, your guides, loved ones passed and divine.

We will be doing an intuitive exercise to enhance your inner guidance and bring direction to the journey.

You will need a journal, deck of oracle cards (for a card reading of course!) and your divine self for this one hour connection and empowerment! You will be receiving a little message from me to help you on your journey too!

Tickets are $45 (limited to 15 tickets)

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