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Lisa Rae Freeman

My souls purpose is to help you start knowing the MAGIC and LIGHT that YOU are. To help you break down the walls that keep you from aligning to your HIGHEST SELF.

Using the magic of Energy Readings, 1 : 1 and Group Coaching, as well as incorporating breathwork, meditation and yoga, I help you to awaken to the life you are meant to be experiencing.

Let me guide you to your TRUTH. LET ME HELP YOU FIND YOURSELF.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records holds the blueprint of your soul. In this 60 min reading I will enter your Akashic Records to share with you the guidance and messages to help you in your souls journey. These readings often include a activation or healing to help you align with your souls most authentic frequency. There is usually enough time for 5-6 questions. These questions can be around relationships, life patterns and blocks, career, past lives and souls rituals to raise your frequency.

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