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Kyla Jade

Good Day Goddesses. I am Kyla Jade and I am here for you.

To guide you in your journey; whether that is with intuitive readings, energy readings & clearings, interpreting your guides' whispers, meaningful creations, or energy healings.

I am an earth witch, moon goddess, artist, and lightworker. I offer intuitive tarot readings, oracle readings, energy/chakra readings & healings, pathway readings, and connection sessions with your guides. I sell home grown herbs, smoke cleansing sticks, spell jars, and moon magic kits.

I am so grateful to be a part of your journey. All the Love & Light.

Tarot, Oracle Readings + Spells

· Intuitive tarot readings - Meditation and connection to guides & Goddess Moon to help interpret the card’s messages regarding your soul’s question. Four types of readings are offered: Past, Present, Future; Eye Nebula; Zodiac Wheel; Celtic Cross. All readings are completed with the Moon & Stars Tarot Deck.

· Intuitive Oracle Reading – An intuitive oracle pull from the Voice of the Soul Oracle Deck where we go to your medicine wheel and call in your higher self, spirit guide, and (if you choose to) a spirit you are looking for guidance from.

· Oracle Healing - The Earth Alchemy oracle deck offers healing meditations and journeys with each card. You will choose your card and I will guide us through a journey calling in the energies of the crystal and elements on your card.

$55 for a 30 min Tarot Reading or Oracle Reading.

$111 for a 60 min Tarot Reading or Oracle Healing.

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