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Koselig Wellness

Hi, I’m Stephanie Steeves.

I started Koselig Wellness as a passion project rooted in a desire to provide loving support for postpartum women. I myself had a difficult and traumatic postpartum and now that I’m mostly through the darkness I have reflected back and thought of things that I would’ve benefited from had they been available. One of those things sounds so simple - gentle, safe, non-intimate touch - however it just didn’t exist. Enter Koselig Wellness.

Koselig {koosh-lee} is a Norwegian word meaning the ultimate coziness and comfort provided by a person, place and/or atmosphere. Having Norwegian grandparents I can’t imagine a more perfect word to express my offerings.

The word ‘kowy’ is a made up word that my grandmother used and passed down that simply means “gentle touch”. I loved it as a child and love it to this day. The other thing I loved as a child was having my hair brushed and played with. Currently no one in the city (and only one other in Canada) offers therapeutic hair brushing and I think it’s such a beautiful offering and I hope more join in.

Beyond kowy and hair brushing I also offer facial and buccal massage. As humans we often carry so much stress and tension in our faces and jaws. Facial and intraoral buccal massage is the perfect solution to releasing it all. Another benefit of this type of massage is that it is often referred to as the “ultimate natural facelift alternative". After just one treatment you will see the reduction of puffiness, brightening of dark circles and overall lift and sculpting of the face.

Koselig is a safe space to relax and release.

Therapeutic Hair Brushing and Head Massage

Therapeutic Hair Brushing and Head Massage 45 minutes: $55
Kowy - Non-sexual, safe, consensual touch using my hands as well as different tracing tools. This is an upper chest, face and head offering. There are elements of ASMR for those who enjoy that as well.

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