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Josee Goebel

I am a Métis Traditional Birthkeeper, Placenta Specialist and Ceremonialist with a passion for reclaiming ancestral ways of living, birthing and holding the mothers of our community.

I hold with deep respect the ceremonial and spiritual aspects of being a women and am passionate about guiding women back home to themselves and reawakening their innate magic.

Closing of the Bones Ceremony

The Closing of the Bones Ceremony has been practiced by many cultures all over the world with the purpose of closing cycles, clearing ones energetic field and grounding oneself in preparation for their next chapter in life.

These ceremonies are commonly used to honour a woman’s journey from Maiden to Mother, however they can be used to mark any occasion or major life event such as divorce, moving homes, loss of a loved one, changing careers, going into menopause, receiving major surgery, recovering from addiction, etc.

The ceremony consists of a series of wrapping the parts of the body; providing both a physical and energetic grounding. During this process, while in a cocoon-like state, a safe space is created to release emotions, reflect on ones journey, undergo any necessary healing and embrace the next phase of life.

Many have expressed feeling a powerful release during the ceremony and having an empowered outlook moving forward.

Participants can expect an hour-long ceremony which includes:

• Opening Circle
• Grounding Meditation
• Warming Abdominal Massage (optional)
• Wrapping Ritual
• Unwrapping and Integrating
• Light Refreshments and Sharing Space
• Closing Circle

Price: $82 per person

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