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Jillian Schecher

Hello! I'm Jillian Schecher and I'm a multi-passionate Joy + Mindfulness Coach and the author of The Daily Joy Journal. I teach people how to use The Joy Method™ and experience more energy, abundance and JOY in life and business.

The Sacred CEO

An ALL NEW Joy Visioning Session for Soulful CEO’s, Loving Leaders and Brilliant Bosses (Being’s of Sacred Service)

-Intimate Sacred Business + Leadership Circle
-Guided Journey Meditation
-Joy-Based Goal Setting + Journaling
-Abundance Activations + Attunements

Calling all Soulful CEO’s, Loving Leaders and Brilliant Boss’s (Being’s of Sacred Service)

Lock in the wisdom of the weekend and walk away with next steps on your brightly lit path of limitless possibilities…

An intimate exploration of what the deeper level of you looks like in your abundant biz!

During this 60-minute intimate workshop, you will have the opportunity to deepen into the wisdom within and build Joy back into your business AND life with strategies infused with your highest self, soul wisdom and divine guidance.

Fee includes a Daily Joy Journal ($37 value) to support the work for the next 90 days.

Allow me to guide you back to the wisdom within and carve a new path that you will light up for yourself. Connect you with your natural state of overflowing abundance with EASE, FLOW and FUN!!

Fee: $55 + GST

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