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Isabel Negrete

Isabel is a ceremonialist, oracle and container for connection. She shares her ceremonies and classes under the belief that we are all looking to return to ourselves, the Earth & each other, holding space for people to rediscover the light that shines brightly within them, and that with love and kindness, all can be conquered.

She strives to make all feel cherished, held, loved, softened & seen. While holding space, with gentle guidance, she steps out of the way so others can connect with the wisdom that exists deep within them, offering compassion, understanding & grace. Her mantra is: "You are your own Guru"

Her relationship with Sacred Cacao is deeply intertwined with her roots. She guides cacao ceremonies from the heart tapping into her Grandmother’s wisdom and magic and her Tolteca & Zapoteca ancestry. She also shares Kundalini, Breathwork & transformational Sound Alchemy.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath

We will sit together in sacred circle.

Calling upon the energies of Mother Nature through sacred mantras and we will connect with the original universe heart songs with our earthly sisters & spirit guides.

Sharing circle, welcoming both sacred tears and laughter, grief and joy and the deepest peace beyond duality.

Welcoming creative flow heart chanting and prayer from the group we will embark in the journey of cacao and we will end our experience with Sound Bath

Cacao (Raw cocoa /chocolate) is a heart opening medicine which contains the bliss compound Anandamide.

The Cacao that we will be sharing that will support our Journey together is prepared and served with lots of Prayers and Love

We will begin by silently setting our intentions for the ceremony - being clear about your intention will help Cacao to work her magic with you. We will mindfully drink the Cacao experiencing it’s warmth and presence in the body. After that we will connect deeply to our heart chakra, awakening the sacral energy and clearing the sacral chakra through Sound healing, so we can restore and regenerate creativity and abundance, carving the path for our dreams.

Then you will lie down to be bathed in relaxing, therapeutic vibrations from the sounds as these medicines do their healing work. There is nothing for you to do as you take an inner voyage with the plant and sounds as your guides.

The ceremony will be infused with:

-frankincense & myrrh smudging which helps to dissipate negative energy, improve mood, and strengthen intuition

-guided visualisation meditation so we can find that place within ourselves where we can get in touch with our intuition, to help to find the way

-Ceremonial Cacao and its ability to induce sublime states of relaxation and mental sharpness

-Oracle card

Cacao is a beautiful, gentle, heart healing medicine that can help bring clarity where we are feeling unclear, focus where we are feeling scattered and clearing where we are stagnated and stuck. This medicine helps us access realms that are often unavailable to us when we are too caught up in the head and enables connection with the subconscious realms where deep seated healing can take place. With Cacao we drop down from the head into the heart where we can navigate with feeling instead of thought. Cacao helps disperse any blockages around the heart and coupled with the vibrations from the healing sounds of the Crystal bowls we will experience healing at a cellular level to rebalance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

This intimate ceremony will give us the space and time to tune into the stillness within to connect to our deepest intuition, release any blockages that may be present, bring clarity to any areas that need our attention and help us enjoy a deep sense of peace and well-being.

This circle is open to all. You’re invited to come as you are and to be accepted for who you are with no judgement. Let us rise and heal together

There are a very limited number of spaces available to this event, Advanced booking is essential.


-yoga mat, layers

-bolsters, blankets, pillows or anything else to support your practice

-Any crystals you hold dear, bring something to add to the collaborative altar

The Cacao used in ceremony is sustainably grown in Mexico & it is allergens safe.

Price Per Person: $44.44

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