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Heart of Earth

Safiya Randera is an initiated healer and stick diviner in the Dagara tradition, a lineage originally rooted in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and brought to the West by her teacher Elder Malidoma Somé.

Her practice of stick divination is an indigenous, earth-based practice that facilitates powerful healing and alignment through channelled messages and elemental ritual work. Divination in this tradition is considered a method to ‘open the way’ in one’s life. It is a 50,000+-year-old lineage that connects one to the many immediate forms and doorways of the divine.

With over two decades of experience, Safiya has studied traditional healing with Elders, wisdom keepers, and guardians of the traditions in North and South America and Africa.

Safiya's teachings come from the Wedeme (elemental beings of the land), the Kontomblé (beings of the water) and are rooted in ancestral knowledge as well as the teachings of spiritual healers from Rootwork (Mary Shultan), Svikiro (Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa), and Dagara (Malidoma Patrice Somé, Mark Bockely, and his teacher Martine Somé) traditions.

Safiya holds sacred circles, facilitated women's retreats, and supports others in connecting to the elementals and grounding their ancestral medicine.

She is deeply humbled and honoured to be carrying Dagara medicine and sharing it with the Wild Rose Festival Community through individual and community divinations.

Her people come from Gujrat and Malawi.

Stick Divination

The ancient practice of stick divination originates from the Dagara people of Burkina Faso. During my divination, I channel The Ancient Ancestors, Elemental Beings from the Earth, and Water Spirits. Because these forms of divination have been held in integrity for so long by the Dagara people, they have a very potent field, a session can help release blocks stored in the body, clear unwanted and outdated patterns that obstruct your path, help you fortify healthy boundaries, and connect you to your gifts, inner guidance, and Ancestral wisdom.

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