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Healing with Emma Hogan

Since childhood, Emma Hogan has always felt connected to something bigger than herself. At an early age she would be able to find objects said to be lost within seconds of searching, as if she had put them there herself. Coming from a line of strong, independent, kind, and highly intuitive Witches, the ways of manifesting one’s dreams, healing arts, and esoteric lifestyle came naturally to her. Growing up sensitive to the people and environment around her wasn’t always easy, but she honed the skill as she grew into the strong intuitive Light Witch she is today. She now uses these empathic skills to aid in tuning into other’s needs, wants and, in essence, to their souls.


What to look forward to when you book in with me: healing sessions focused on rejuvenating, releasing, and exploring your unique souls inner journey.

I will be offering: Reiki Energy Healing, Tarot/Oracle Readings, Aromatherapy treatments and Spirit Message Channeling.

Special pricing for this festival is applied to all services.

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