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Create your own Luscious Cake

Join Katie of Flour House Cake in our BLOOM Tent to Indulge with Intention

Start your long awaited weekend designing and creating your own luscious cake.

Be present, breathe and tune inward as we swoon over the flavors, florals, and friends that surround us. Further the connection between you and your food. The more present we can be with our food, the more we are able to pick up on signals of satiety, nourishment, and most importantly when we talk CAKE: satisfaction

In this one-hour session we will fashion a 2 layer 6’’ cake with your choice of cake, filling, and frosting, as well as fresh florals and other modish edible decor.

Share your edible art piece with old friends, new acquaintances, or indulge all weekend long.

The relationship you have with food deserves priority; you deserve to love your food.

*There are only 10 seats available as this is a private, intimate and creative gathering. Investment for the workshop is $30.

Choose from your flavors*:
Chocolate Supreme. Fudgy chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate ganache and velvety chocolate buttercream

Raspberry Rose. White vanilla butter cake flavored with wild rose. Layered with tangy, sweet homemade raspberry compote + vanilla buttercream

Brown Sugar + Vanilla. White vanilla butter cake layered with creamy brown sugar caramel filling + vanilla buttercream

*Flavors are subject to slight change

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