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Elixir Bar by Wolseley Kombucha

Breakfast: Smashed Avocado Töst on sourdough bread with edible flowers, sprouts and balsamic drizzle
Smashed Eggs Töst on sourdough with tomato, sprouts and hot sauce drizzle
Sweet Nut Butter Töst on sourdough with mint, bee pollen, cinnamon and honey drizzle

Elixirs (can be made with organic whole milk or organic plant milk):
Hot drinks: Turmeric Golden Light Tonic, Cacao with Cinnamon and local honey, Elevated Coffee with lions mane and local Ghee, Functional Herbal Tea

Cold Drinks: Elevated Cold Brew, Wild Rose Kombucha on tap, Hibiscus Rose Spritz with collagen, The Lemon Balm with ashwaghanda + green tea extract , “Refresh” - Tulsi Mint with E3Live, Wolseley Mule Ginger + Lime

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