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Earthly Blyss

It was one of those Magnetic Moments when we first locked eyes at the Wild Roses Women’s Festival in July 2021; A festival that we were both drawn to. Neither of us had ever been to a festival by ourselves, nevertheless we followed our intuition which led us there.

Before the Angle Wash in the evening, on our last day was when we connected. Through a fleeting moment we shared words and an immense feeling of joy.

Upon our integrations back home, destiny led us to each other on the web. Before any exchange of words, we found ourselves in the same cafe. With a dash of courage we approached each other to say hello. Immediately we knew that there was magic between us.

From there we planned our first date.

Sitting on the deck in the sunshine, sharing our first cup of Cacao, spilling words from our hearts and feeling the synchronicities of our dreams.

What we had both been longing for, started unravelling right away. In a matter of 5 weeks, we had designed and facilitated the first ever Earthly Blyss Goddess Gathering.

We have been building our partnership on radical honestly and a passion for learning. We hold gratitude for not only our commonalities; for it is our differences that create our messy magic. We honour our bodies; these vessels are what carry our spirits. We love all of life here on Mama Earth and are committed to co-creating from our heart space in meaningful and intentional ways.

Now we find ourselves curating consciously using many practices, teachings, and rituals which have been passed down to us. We continue to seek out new experiences to expand our knowings as we ourselves grow. We ignite a sense of play and curiosity within one another.

We strive to surrender to the waves of each coming day. Our relationship is ever changing as we endlessly evolve.

Supportive Sisterhood Shamanic Journey

An interactive conversation & Shamanic Journey using the Ho’oponopono prayer of Forgiveness. We will be sharing tools and practices that we have been working with over the last couple of years to create conscious, intimate relationships with the sisters in our lives. A lot of us hold wounds tied to experiences with women who have crossed our paths and these may keep us from showing up with truth & vulnerability. We will talk about how to move through this pain so that we can have conversations that align our hearts.

Through the hour, we will explore Song, Shamanic Journey, group discussion & a sharing circle.

Our deepest intention with this offering is to inspire women to move with courage in their relationships so that they have the opportunity to hold deep, lasting love through sisterhood. We began fostering our own conscious relationship after the first Wild Roses Festival. This has bled into all of our intimate sisterhoods which have gotten stronger and stronger allowing us to become the women we always truly were. This is one of our greatest gifts, and we are passionate about sharing these learnings with all.

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