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Divinity Rising

Traditionally, the Red Tent is a sacred space for women to rest while bleeding, and the modern day Red Tent is emerging bringing all women together to reclaim their feminine power. Womb medicine spaceholders Sakura Rose and Leah Sonaria will be holding space at various times throughout the festival within the Temple of the Womb.

The Red Tent

The Temple of the Womb is a sacred space to feel nourished - a space of sisterhood connection, healing and comfort. Come inside the Red Tent to integrate and ground, and check out the resources available for moontime and cyclical living wisdom.

The Red Tent is open 24hrs and free for anyone to use throughout the festival (minus the Yoni Steam Ceremony held on Sunday from 1230-130pm). Resources for women available within the tent such as: oracle cards, Red Tent-related books to read, anointing oils and rose spray, flower essences and complimentary menstrual supplies.

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