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Danielle Caners

Danielle Caners is the pilot of a magnificent space shuttle bringing you on a journey to the depths of the earth, far into the cosmos and back to the core of your being. Her art is the synthesis of an untameable thirst to learn, create, and grow. Her paintings are tapestries of visual codes that reward viewers with new discoveries every time they are revisited - each one embedded with ancestral wisdom, wonder of nature and practical observations of what it is to live a fulfilled life. Danielle’s global reputation is a testament to the power of what she brings. She stands at the fulcrum of art, education and healing; guiding us to self-actualization.

Specializing in drawing and painting, Caners has grown into an inspirational speaker, giving workshops and producing books, videos and beyond. Danielle’s artistic skills continue to adapt and expand into traditional painting methods, digital art, augmented reality and alternative means of story telling.

She is currently engaged in Cosmologia, a series of drawings comparing the cosmic wisdom of the world’s ancient civilizations.

“Images communicate directly with the subconscious. They are portals to the ineffable. My mission in art is to ignite the inspiration, wonder, and potential inherent in every being.”

In the Palm of your Hand- an Art Meditation

Once upon a time you used to draw and paint without reserve.
Perhaps you still do, or perhaps not.
Either way, within you is a creative flame with the urge to play.
This is space to tend that flame.

In this time together, we will explore art from a meditative perspective, using the form of the hand as a catalyst to bring forth intuitive art. In this time we will tune in with breathwork, discuss creative flow and create a personally meaningful piece of art.
All skill ranges warmly welcome!

2 hours of time together to go deep into creation
All supplies needed to create a meaningful piece of art
Bonus : a small gift and a 15% off voucher at Danielle’s vendor space at the festival.

Available supplies will range from professional markers, watercolour, pencils, pastels, gouache and more! You will have free reign to play and perhaps find a few new favourite tools.

Investment: $99

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