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Casey MacDonald

Casey MacDonald, Medical Mystic is a practitioner of Energy, Light and Sound with over 20 years experience in the holistic health arts.

Casey connects with Spirit and is able to see, know, feel, sense and hear information as she tunes in and scans the body and energy field of her clients. As a Medical Intuitive her goal is to bring clarity with a simple yet impactful healing plan to her clients, especially for those that have reached dead end after dead end and are looking for a new perspective on their healing journey. Collaborating with her clients of most importance; she has a gift to deeply witness and honour their path, and empower them with guided messages, energy healing and simple, effective healing tools. With an intention to renew hope and a belief that Healing is Possible.

Medical Mystic

Sessions with Casey include coaching, spirit’s guidance and energy healing that is specific to each person and can include - energy and frequency shifts and alignment, belief and mindset repatterning, guidance on healing foods, supplementation, physical movement, breathing, body awareness, connecting with higher self and Source, journaling, tools and so much more as spirit shows us amazing ways to heal.

You are welcome to step into Safe, Sacred Space with Casey so you may feel witnessed, held and empowered as you experience a comforting energy alignment and clarity for your Next Best Steps on your healing journey.

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