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Brynlyn & Wendy Ann Moore

We are a Mother and Daughter Ceremony team; Wendy-Ann Moore and Brynlyn Ann Moore.

Wendy-Ann is an intuitive educator, leader, facilitator and elder in the field of psychosocial education, spiritual philosophies and disciplines, leadership and practitioner care. She brings extensive research and development of comprehensive theoretical and practical integration of East-West psychology, religion, philosophy and contemplative healing arts to her offerings. Wendy-Ann is passionate about assisting the healing and awakening of others through spirit communication. She is skilled in guiding soul integration through the assistance of her guides and angels working with individuals and groups to bring awareness, acknowledgment, love, soul integration.

Brynlyn is a transformational guide, deep listener, ardent advocate and devotee of the interconnected consciousness. She values the implicit knowing of the physical, cognitive, soul and emotional selves and is interested in the ideas of body knowing, relation, movement of energy, and acknowledgment of all versions of ourselves to assist in bringing harmony to the wildness of the human experience. Brynlyn honours collaborating with divinity through colloquial and ritual expression and not playing small. She brings grounded ceremonial protocols and harmony of living in the ordinary and non ordinary realms through integrating clinical psychotherapeutic and spiritual practice. She aligns body knowing, listening and responding, brings forth expression of experiences in the non ordinary realms, and creates opportunity to voice and name said experience for alchemical transformation.

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Divine Love with Maiden, Mother and Crone

The theme of our offering is inviting women into the ceremony of Divine Love with Maiden, Mother and Crone, archetypes. We honour our blood and spiritual lineages, through practices of re-membering ourselves, our ancestors, the practices, and ancient modern practices in community and developing belonging as guided by Grandmother Anna, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene of the Rose Lineage. We are a Mother and Daughter ceremony team offering intergenerational collective belonging practice. We will practice together courageous remembering, honest knowing of ourselves, who we are and who we are becoming so we can anchor into the unique soul integration and be of divine service. This is a ceremony of rooting My Life As My Message. We create sacred space grounded in protocol, safety, loving kindness to create alchemy of acknowledgement, sound transmission, guided journeying, somatic movement, transmutation and embodiment of the matter of change in the ordinary and non ordinary worlds through actions of belonging, presence and celebration in community.

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