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Brooklyn Vienneau & Emma O'Connor

Brooklyn and Emma are multidimensional mentors, medicine women and master space holders. Together, they carry the wisdom to intimately, safely guide women through their emotional depths - to support them in embodying and being witnessed in their grief, rage, joy and wild self-expression.

Wild Edge

When safely touched, our rage unlocks grief and moves us from repressed and disempowered to embodied in our truest, most primal nature. It is here, in this natural process of somatic alchemy, that we can cultivate regulation in our bodies, bring coherence to our minds and hearts, apprentice with our pain and offer healing to the parts of us who've been hurt by humanity's suffering.

In this 90 minute ceremony, you will be guided to safely derepress, express and transmute your rage and grief. This is a journey into your inner realm, and it is also a collective prayer where power is amplified by witnessing and being witnessed by women. You will be invited to meet your own edges through elements of movement, breath and sound.

Energy Exchange: $35

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