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Ally Brower

Ally Brower is a double Aquarian, fire starting Manifestor who is also an RMT, RYT as well as a creative jewelry designer based in the Okanagan Valley. Her roots are anchored deep in Alberta's soil growing up in Beaumont, a small town south of Edmonton. Ally has a passion for sacred sisterhood, creating unique community connections and exploring the outdoors with her friends and family. When she's not frolicking around the bustling festival grounds, find her at her booth selling beautifully handcrafted earrings.

Solo Sister Mixer

Travelling soul-o, sister? Join Ally Brower, Wild Roses Festival Marketplace + Healer's Village Lead in this one hour workshop where you will have a chance to meet + greet your fellow solo sailing sisters throughout this expansive weekend of sisterhood, reconnection and transformation.

In this workshop, Ally will dive into the importance of solo adventure and exploration and the potent wisdom that can surface when we gift ourselves time and space to be present, get quiet and to reflect. Ally will touch on some of her own personal experiences from traveling solo around the world to multiple countries, festivals and retreats and the divine re-alignment it has brought to her life, time and time again.

This medicine is potent sister, looking forward to meeting you!

This workshop is free and no registration is required, just show up as you are!

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