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let's capture the magic.

The Wild Roses Festival is a very special experience for all those involved. We want to capture what it felt like to be at the festival not just what it looked like.

We are seeking a curated team of media savvy females to help with photography, videography and social media duties. 

Responsibilities of the media crew are: Creating, editing and curating media (photo and video). Our team will be documenting various parts of the festival such as workshops, performances, vendor booths, volunteers and attendees.

Capturing our festival in the most respectful way is of utmost importance to us and to our attendees. We will be holding interviews for all media positions to determine the right fit.

*Media team members must own their own camera gear.


We are seeking photographers, videographers and content creators. Availability must be Friday, Saturday and Sunday as the media shifts will be smaller blocks on each date in order to keep our media team focused and creative. 


Volunteer positions on our team are offered in exchange for 4 hours per day, for a total of 12 hours, during festival hours (Friday, Saturday, Sunday- full schedule will be determined closer to date) for full compensation of your ticket.

Our vision for this year is to have a "hub" for all our media volunteers to hand in their memory cards at the end of their shift. We will have an onsite culler and editor who will curate galleries for immediate social media use. No culling or editing will be required from our media volunteers. During interviews we will explain image use for your portfolio at a later date in more depth. 

Once accepted (we will send you an acceptance letter via email), you will need to confirm your placement as a Wild Roses Media Team Volunteer by purchasing a ticket. Once your hours have been completed, we will compensate the full ticket value ($333 +gst) 7-10 days post event. No refunds will be given in the event of cancellation or no show.


Due to the vulnerable nature of the Festival, rules and regulations as a Media Team Volunteer will include sensitivity to the images, video and content that is created.

Have a question for our media team? Send Sofia and Sheri an email at

What part of media team would you want to help with?

Thanks for submitting!

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