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Terilyn Hillier

Hello, I'm Terilyn, a space holder, community builder, ritualist, and Women’s Circle Leader. I'm passionate about creating nurturing environments where women can connect with themselves, nature, and each other on their journey of healing and growth.

My journey began with a degree in Women's Studies, leading to years of experience in social services. Through supporting families and communities through life's challenges, I learned the importance of navigating life after trauma. This led me to pursue certifications in trauma-informed practices, enhancing my ability to provide practical and compassionate support.

After years of supporting women and families in therapeutic settings, I felt called to blend my professional, educational, and spiritual sides. Co-founding the Blooming into You Collective on Vancouver Island allowed me to share what's helped me heal from personal and ancestral trauma and learn from other women.

The collective isolation and trauma of the lockdowns deepened my yearning for community. These circles offer a sacred space for us to open up, share, practice ritual, and discover ourselves in a safe environment. I truly believe this healing is meant to be done in community.

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