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Kristin Wright

Kristin Wright is a sex, pleasure and intimacy expert.
She has been working as a sex, love relationship coach for the past 6 years but her journey started long before after an intense break up during her Saturn return left her feeling at her rock bottom.
It was during that phase of her life that Kristin signed up for a Jade Egg program and discovered pleasure and ecstasy in her body that she never knew existed.
She decided to make it her mission to awaken planetary pussy power so that other women could know the level of pleasure and ecstasy available to them as well.
Kristin jokes that similarly to how we're told we only use a small percentage of our brain, we tend to only use a small percentage of what we can feel and experience in our pussy.

So much of the work Kristin does 1 on 1 and in her online programs is about unpacking the unconscious, beliefs, conditioning and messages that we’ve all received in relationship to our sexuality, while also inviting women into the experience and the awareness of what it is to have more pleasure in their body.
The pleasure that we all deserve to feel. The pleasure that is our birthright.

Although her work encompasses so much at the heart of it it’s really quite simple: she just wants you to have a really great freaking time with your body. No matter what age, stage or season of life you’re in. You deserve that now.

Unshame Your Desire

Come learn about the ways in which sexual desire can show up and let go of any shame about your experience with desire as you begin to explore your unique sexual expression. You can expect to walk away feeling empowered, a little mind blown and more lovingly connected to your sexual self.

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