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Hannah Stinson

I am a Published Author, Akashic Record Guide & Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Mentor, and Womb Healer here to help individuals come back to radical health. I support divine beings in connecting with their soul essence to live a life of abundance, desire, safety, love and pleasure through their energetic womb spaces. We work from the level of the body to heal trauma and energy blockages from their ancestral lineages, past lives, and current life. I love to serve my community through Akashic Record Healing, Trauma Informed Womb Healing, Central Nervous System Healing & Rewiring, Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki, Ayurvedic Healing Practices, Yoga, Tarot Mentorship, and Witchcraft. I tend to serve a wide range of individuals, working with all folks from all walks of life. I have helped my clients with healing their infertility, chronic illness / disease, the root of their trauma, emotional disturbance, energetic blocks, relationships with themselves / others, sexuality and sensuality, relationship with their bodies and cycles – periods, menopause and inner seasons, to name a few. I also run a Mental Health & Wellness Program for Hope for Stomach Cancer, a non-profit foundation based out of California.

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