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Courtney Campbell

I began my yoga journey, quite informally, in 2011. I struggled to find an inclusive community where I felt accepted for how I showed up on my mat. When the stars finally aligned I found a studio and teacher who's classes were filled with love and compassion, and for the first time I could feel myself letting go of my insecurities. Needless to say I kept returning to this practice and each time began to discovering and loving myself a little more. I took my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 in Calgary and most recently completed another 300hr training in Baja, Mexico in 2023. My goal is to emit self empowerment, body neutrality and inclusivity within all of my classes. I have a light hearted approach to yoga but also encourage people to move beyond their comfort zones and experience all that they are capable of. Keeping the focus on a strong mind - body - breath connection my classes are a moving meditation. I always offer modifications and alternative postures to ensure the class is empowering and accessible to all levels/bodies. My focus & practice now, after 550+ hours of training, has evolved into helping myself and others align with a sense of purpose, deepen our connection to each other as a community, and to ourselves as an integral part of nature.

Flow With Intuition

Flow with Intuition is a vinyasa style yoga practice that will encourage all practitioners to tap into their existence moment by moment. Uncover the power of listening to your body and making the movements feel perfectly aligned to what you need.

We all have this intuitive force within us, we just have to take the time and listen in.

This practice is accessible to all levels of yoga practitioner, modifications and amplifications will be provided.

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