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Angie Clark and DJ Suzanne Summers

About Angie: I feel it is my life’s purpose to encourage others to heal and to help guide them along their journey towards living authentically. I do this by sharing my own vulnerabilities and challenges which I have overcome throughout my life. After experiencing and healing from birth trauma with my son, I have come to realize that it is my innate ability to turn my pain into purpose. It is my belief that we are all capable of achieving this, and my goal is to help others find peace and joy in their unique human experience.

It is in life’s dark moments that we are presented with an opportunity to dig deep so that we can grow and evolve from the current pain we are experiencing. It is my hope to inspire others and to encourage this fearless approach to living life.

In working through my own trauma via intensive group and individual clinical therapy, personal research and studies, as well as investing in my own restorative yoga practice, I have developed a foundation of compassion and empathy for the complexity of everyones individual human experience. With an understanding of, and passion for, the connection between mind, body and emotions, I believe sharing this knowledge with as many women as possible will help empower individuals to become the best version of themselves while navigating along their unique journey.

About Suzanne: Suzanne Summers has been elevating the DJ landscape with a strong dose of femme for over 10 years. She finds great joy in sharing music with people and helping add that extra dimension to special events. Known for playing a selection of disco, house, pop, and oldies with a dash of hip-hop and a lot of bass. Her specialty is discovering the best singles and remixes, hidden gems, and foreign imports. Playing them overlapped, non-stop so you dance until you drop. To fuel her creative fire Suzanne has performed for dance floors across Alberta at nightclubs, major events, and many special occasions.

Suzanne also has a passion for hiking, yoga, dance, and maintaining a healthy well-being through exercise. She is a co-creator of a unique fitness experience in Edmonton called "The Movement". Suzanne provides the music for a class of rhythmic movement and breathwork led by Angie Clark (AKA the YEG yogi).

Reclaiming Your Authentic Self - Visualization and Movement Practice.

This practice was created to bring awareness around limiting beliefs and patterns so that meaningful embodiment and transformation can happen at the individual level.

Angie will guide you through a visualization journey and a full body movement practice that incorporates music, dance and yoga to create awareness in the body and in the mind, while Suzanne spins the tracks!

This embodied awareness can produce a ripple effect and begin to help release built up stress, trauma and emotions that have been unknowingly stored.

This practice is Beginner Friendly, encouraging movement in an intuitive way that will help you land deeply in your body without judgement or expectation.

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