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Theresa De Rox

Sage, Mage, Crone, Wise Woman, Mystic, Prophetess, Diviner... call me what you will, but know this: I have magic to bring, a-plenty!

I am an all-out Aliveness Advocate, an Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator, speaker, mentor, meditation teacher, international best-selling co-author, and a magical, mystical creative who believes in empowering people to love themselves, to love nature, to love life!

I believe that art - in the widest version of itself - is a tool for reclaiming our innate and inherent creative fire, that juicy stuff that flows through our veins, ignites our passion, and liberates our souls.

I have devoted my life to facilitating personal growth through embodied creative expression because I believe it takes all of us standing in our power, in our wholeness, to create a beautiful world.

As we remember our dreams, reclaim our passions, find our voice, share our gifts, and celebrate all of life, together, we empower one another to live the best and highest version of ourselves, and thus influence and inform the beauty of the world.

As an educator for over 30 years, teaching and facilitating in the US and Canada, with a BD (Bachelor of Divinity), and MEd (Masters of Education), YTT (200 hr), Kindrêd Meditation Teacher, Theresa uses her highest wisdom and embodied knowing to bring more beauty, creativity and meaning to all our lives.

Reclaiming The Crone

Who is the Crone? Most simply, one who wears the crown - no matter her age.

Who wears the crown? One who gives herself authority over her own queendom; one who gives herself permission to choose what is most beneficial for herself and her constituents; one who embodies both feminine and masculine qualities: of grace, beauty, flow, chaos, collaboration and receptivity, and of structure, form, security, safety, action, and focus. She uses these attributes to support, benefit, guide and bless herself and her queendom.

How does one claim the crone? by sacred right, by inheritance, by bloodline, by declaration, by proclamation, by rite of passage... witnessed by those in/of her queendom.

We will embody our crone-ship, using intuitive movement and the power of our body-mind imaginings, we will reclaim our right to the throne; we will create our own crown, our royal mark/seal, or flag; we will adorn ourselves with the symbols of our authority; we will celebrate one another as leaders of our own lives, as crones, wise women, of our communities.

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