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Shreyasi Brodhecker

I am a multifaceted healer living with my beautiful herd of horses in Sherwood Park! I am deeply immersed in the language of the herd, their capacity to witness and awaken emotional transformation, and their dance with spirit and the unseen.

I am a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who plunged headlong into the world of horse medicine in 2017. My personal journey with my heart horse, Stella, informed my life path from thereon. It was destiny to meet her; she transitioned this past July and continues to be my best friend, muse and guide from beyond. I offer horse medicine as my primary healing modality. I also blend horse medicine with mindfulness and meditation, energy healing and a deep love and respect for Mother Earth and Her creations. I have recently tapped into my gifts as a Heart Poet Illuminator of Light and Shadow.

My magic is turning horse speak into heart speak, helping others to awaken their gifts and grow from their shadows into the light. I blend my gifts in emotional healing, horse medicine, energy work and poetry, with honoring Goddess Wisdom into my eternal life purpose. I have walked the fires of grief, experienced my own metamorphosis this past year and discovered my voice. I am also a Joy session™ facilitator offering Signature Joy in Nature Sessions on my land.

My knowledge and wisdom to offer my fellow soul sisters includes deep love and respect for Mother Earth, the sentience and wisdom of my herd, my intuition and gifts for energy work, and my passion for the spoken and written word to honor the Divine Goddess within all of us.

Awake the Divine Feminine: Connect to Horse Medicine and your Goddess Heart

I am honored to share wisdom with fellow soul sisters, including my passion for Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine. We are on the threshold of an exciting new wisdom of how horses and their teachings can inform a life of passion and purpose. I am a messenger of their voice to those who are seeking ease and transformation by getting back into their wild selves.

The workshop will include guided meditations with group energy healing, spoken poetry honoring the Divine Feminine and creative writing prompts to facilitate attendees in connecting to Earth Mother and the magic of the herd.

I intend for attendees to ignite their creative spark, connect with their truths and the Divine Feminine within, as well as feel held and nurtured by the magic of the herd and horse medicine. There will be potential for emotional healing as guided by Divine Flow and Timing. The horses will be present in spirit and heart!

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