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Sheetal Story

I was born with the gifts of seeing Aura and Spirit. From a young age I have felt that my life’s purpose was to help people. As I decided to accept and expand on my gifts, my abilities have grown to more than I could have ever imaged them to be. Spirit has opened the door to amazing teachers and opportunities every step of the way. I learned that I could control when I allowed the spirits of loved ones to communicate with me, which has enabled me to live a full life surrounded by wonderful people and filled with great experiences.

I am now a Certified Medium, a Tarot Reader, a Certified Meditation Teacher, and I teach psychic and intuition development classes.
I utilize Spirit’s guidance in all aspects of my life and I love to share my knowledge with others. I chose Tarot Cards and Astrology as a tool to organize my psychic gift into specific areas of life that my clients need guidance and support with, and to allow Spirit to speak their knowledge as well.

I am so honoured to help those who choose me, as I know that it is divinely guided to be so. I work for Spirit first, and I know that they are always supporting us and guiding us to be our best selves. If our paths should cross, please know your journey moves me and I am honoured to help you.

Minding the Moon - Flowing with Life with Ease Using the Moon’s Cycles

Minding the Moon is about creating your life according to the Moon for manifesting with grace and ease!

Want to know the #1 easiest way to align your life + career with the cosmos?

Simply look up at the moon!

Every 4 weeks or so, the moon visibly completes a full cycle from the New Moon to Full Moon. During this same time period, we go through a cycle of our own too – a manifestation cycle.

To “manifest” is to make something amazing happen, and making amazing things happen takes time. Plus, have you ever noticed that the process tends to follow a pattern?

First, you look around and decide something needs to happen. Then, you set a goal. Next, you have a brainstorming session where you research how to do it and lay down your plan of attack. And finally, you go after that plan step-by-step until you eventually make it happen, right? (At least that’s the idea!)

Well, our lovely Moon follows a similar pattern, too. The Moon cycle is actually something we naturally synchronize with anyways. It’s just like how the ocean’s tides never forget to flow in for every sunrise and sunset. However, if you can become aware of which phase we’re currently in, it will allow you to work in tune with the Moon to manifest what you want.

The Moon shows us that there really is a right timing for everything!

Menstruating women also follow a cycle exactly like the Moon’s cycle that can help us navigate life with more ease. If we plan our schedules accordingly, or even just have a conscious awareness about what stage of the cycle we are in, we could create more abundance and flow in our lives.

In this 1 hour workshop you will learn the 4 phases of the Moon from a professional Astrologer and how to plan your life according to the phases. If you are menstruating you can also plan your life according to your menstruation cycle for optimal ease. Both cycles are predictable and offer us insight into your energy and mental capacity at various times of the month. Plan accordingly and you can come into much success!

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