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Sarah Farrell

I was hit by a car crossing the road outside my apartment 8 years ago. It was a wake up call and a redirection from the universe that I needed. I had been running away from myself and it was the sign for me to go inwards and start connecting to my inner world. The physical and mental challenges I experienced from my accident were gateways into learning how to traverse my body and mind. The western medicine had failed me. I was on a spectrum of medications from anti anxiety drugs, to intense pain killers, to anti depressants. I was numb and so disconnected from myself. A friend suggested trying out yoga. I started with short YouTube videos and when I was able to walk again, I made my way through multiple yoga studios until I landed at SATTVA yoga. The practice was so much more than asana and after 4 months of practicing and the profound healing I had experienced in such a short time, I knew in my heart my purpose was to share these techniques with as many people as I could. I signed up for the teacher training and I have been teaching ever since. My passion and purpose is to create a safe, fun, inclusive, and trauma informed container for others to come back home to themselves through yoga, meditation, and music. My classes are about meeting yourself where you're at, letting go of the inner critic and judgements, and getting below the external and internal noise and landing into the fertile soil found within the field of stillness. They aren't about good vibes only, but about embracing yourself fully and learning how to gain awareness around generational patterns that are jading our perspective. The yoga gives us a quiet and contemplative place to observe ourselves. The shadows have much to teach us if we can develop the courage to go in and cultivate deep listening as we traverse the layers of conditioning. We can then emerge from the darkness and into the light with more clarity and a deeper understanding of who we are.

The inner journey sets us up with the ability to have meaningful and loving relationships with others. I want to break down the barrier of competition and judgement between women and to fully embrace each other as we are. This ultimately starts with our relationship we have with ourself. Yoga and meditation have been powerful tools in my healing tool kit that has and still supports me as I peel back the layers and band aids I had surpressed my wounds with so I can get to the pure essence of who I am.

When I began to heal the wounds that were impacting my ability show myself unconditional love and support, my external relationships reached depths and deep connections that I had never experienced before.

Shakti Flow: A Yoga Practice

Liberating our Shakti energy to shift away from the patriarch of competition and judgement and re-awaken the feminine essence of love and compassion by rekindling the romantic relationship with yourself through yoga, breathwork, meditation, and music.

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