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Sakura Rose & Leah Sonaria

About Sakura:
Sakura lives in devotion to the path of Love, leading circles for the divine feminine for 15+ years. Using ancient practices combined with intuitive + scientific + spiritual knowledge, Sakura leads by example to connect women deeper with their womb wisdom, temple bodies, Mother Earth and the lunar, solar and Venusian cycles.

Sakura's passion is in support of healing the wounds of the divine feminine and guiding women to reclaim their own sexual and sovereign power. As an initiate of the Sisterhood of the Rose Lineage, she leads women in re-awakening their true divine essence.

Sakura has been on a dedicated path of inner-knowing and self-healing for several years, working with feminine healing arts practices, goddess archetypes, ancient, pagan + tantric practices, plant medicines, health cleanses and flower essences. She facilitates Rose Medicine and Red Tent ceremonies, shamanic drum journeys and various meditation and embodiment practices.

Sakura currently lives in Vancouver, Canada and is working towards creating self-sustaining, off-grid communities in Canada, and across the world. As a channel between Heaven and Earth, Sakura's mission is to create heaven on earth and share her love and magic for the greater good of all beings everywhere.

Follow Sakura on Instagram: @divinity.rising.sisterhood
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About Leah:
Hi! I’m Leah, aka Flow Priestess.
My star name is Sonaria. I am an ordained Priestess of Isis of the Tantric Rose Lineage, sonic alchemist and ceremonial spaceholder. After selling my yoga clothing business Inner Fire in 2019, I embarked on an intensive healing journey to find myself again.

Through a series of powerful initiations, I discovered the feminine mysteries and Priestess path, which led me to unlock the power of my womb and body temple through dance and flow arts. In ceremony, I began to channel light language and healing codes for the collective. It shattered my understanding of the world. As I reflected on my spiritual awakening, I began to trace a red thread back through my life, which led me to embark on an ancestral healing journey through somatic memoir writing. I then found my happy place in facilitating ceremonial experiences to help awaken our hearts to remember that we are love.

My mission is to guide visionary creatives, lightworkers and embodied feminine leaders to activate and channel their soul’s highest gifts.

Follow Leah on Instagram: @flowpriestess
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Temple of the Womb

Discover the herstory and significance of the Red Tent, sacredness of our Moonblood and Rite of Passage ceremonies that have been held within the Red Tent; a bridge between the ancient ways of our ancestors and modern wisdom. Activate the power of your womb as your inner oracle, re-member your original essence and boldly step deeper into your feminine power, connected to the cycles of nature and your sacred womb. (Note: If you do not have a womb or in your bleeding years, this workshop is relevant and magical for you!)

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