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Robin Joy Hilton

I’m a Sexual Embodiment Coach supporting woman to thrive in their liberated & authentic sexuality.

I teach women how to overcome common sexual problems and concerns, self-source pleasure, enjoy their bodies, and have the best sex of their lives (alone & with their partner(s)).

My work is anti-oppressive, feminist, trans-inclusive and trauma informed. I teach esoteric practices with a foundation of evidence-based best practices related to sexual health and emotional well-being.

My primary work is in teaching women how to have fully present and fully surrendered sexual experiences. This involves exploring mindset, shame, desire, communication and self-confidence.

Bliss Body: The Art of Full Surrender

An exploration of mindfulness and embodiment practices that will teach you how to surrender and experience flow-state sex for yourself.
Bliss Body teaches you a holistic approach to sexuality that has radical self-compassion and acceptance at its core. This is the perfect antidote to sexual shame. Discover your own unique path to pleasure, even if you feel shy or uncomfortable when it comes to talking about or focusing on sex right now.

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