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Richelle Brosseau

My name is Richel Brousseau & my passion lives within Lacuna + Lucidity Wellness Co.
Trauma is my passion; to understand it, to nurture its open wounds, to facilitate the release of trauma is how my life changed.

From labour + delivery/postpartum nurse to body worker I have a deep passion for helping women come back home into their bodies + womb spaces.

Through my own personal needs, I took a path of trying to understand how to shift, heal & align from a place of paternalism from the western medicine system to holistically anchoring into my body.
When my body showed me precancerous cells in my uterus, I had a choice of truly stepping in to heal the trauma that was wreaking havoc within.

This has led me to my absolute passion of helping others navigate their journey.
From trauma release through somatic, energetic, shamanic & spiritual practices I offer a unique approach to embodiment work.To empower women once again to understand the reverence of their womb + body.
A devotion to helping woman on the path to & through motherhood, self-awareness for empowerment, and inner child healing are some of my favorites!

I am passionate at preparing + supporting women to feel connected to their bodies, to come back home within + let the light in."

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