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Michelle Leona

Fearless leader, Kitchen Witch and Founder of Wolseley Kombucha and The Elixir Bar (She/Her)

Michelle Leona is a kitchen witch with a passion for functional elixirs. Nothing excites her more than herbs, tea, mushrooms and kombucha!

She’s been brewing and creating delicious beverages since 2015. She owns and operates Wolseley Kombucha in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Michelle won Woman Entrepreneur of the year in 2021 for Wolseley Kombucha and has been nominated for RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur 2023!

When Michelle is not brewing up batches for Wolseley Kombucha or The Elixir Bar, find her at a yoga studio, playing with her daughter or dancing to live music!

Michelle Leona is joining us from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Elixir Crafting

There is more to a delicious beverage than simply just the taste. Elixirs offer nourishment, boost energy, can balance hormones and are deeply delicious!

Learn to craft a high-vibe functional elixir at home using functional mushrooms, moon water, tea, herbs + spices and more!

Michelle will teach the basics of elixir crafting while inspiring you to get creative in your own kitchen.

Get inspired to craft the elixir of your dreams with Michelle Leona!

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