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Marie Zak

Marie is a Clinical Herbalist and Somatic & Relational Therapist. She is the co-founder of Althaea Herbals, a company dedicated to embodied herbalism and whole person healing.

Marie is passionate about creating a container for her clients to explore the deepest layers of themselves. She works with herbal medicines and somatic awareness to support her clients to heal their nervous system, process trauma, and inhabit their body so that they can live their lives with a deep sense of joy, presence, and authenticity.

Her love and reverence for nature and plants is woven into her clinical practice, classes, and medicine making.

Marie completed her Diploma of Phytotherapy through Pacific Rim College, and is a Registered Herbal Therapist with the British Columbia Herbalists Association (BCHA). She completed her Somatic Relational Therapy training through Mariah Moser’s program, Opening to Grace.

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