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Kelsey Dalziel

I started my spiritual journey as a teenager when I knew deep down there was WAY more to his life than meets the eye. I was keenly aware of subtle energies everywhere I looked and at eat age of 19 I was practicing Reiki and reading Tarot cards, fully immersed in the metaphysical world, soaking up spiritual teachings of ancient scripts and modern tv mediums alike.

In my early twenties I met a cute boy with a six pack and frosted tips and put my passion for the spirit world on hold while we created our family and it was not long before I found myself in a deep depression, longing for ‘something more’. The day I hit my knees and asked the Universe to save me is the day, through divine timing and serendipitous events, I found my way back to my passion for spirit and have made it my mission to connect women who are searching for deeper meaning in their lives to the most important spirit in the room - their own.

Over the past six years I have practiced mediumship professionally -where I connect my clients two their loved ones in spirit - and have expanded my services to include coaching for the soul - diving deep with women who are ready to do the soul work necessary to become the spiritual leader of their own life whether they are looking for a calmer existence, a deeper sense of purpose or are ready to start their own spiritual business.

Through meditation and spiritual practice I lead women down a path of true self discovery and transformation. You are the one you have been waiting for. You are the guru. You are Dorothy and you do not need ruby slippers too find the magic inside you

What I have come to know over the better part of the last decade and from connecting with thousands of souls both here and on thee other side is you are never alone, your potential is unlimited and in a room full of hundreds of spirits, the most important one is your own.

Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart - The Power of Journaling

It is my passion and my mission to reintroduce women to the deep down wisdom of their intuition through practical practices including breathwork/meditation, recognizing the difference between the head and heart (ego/spirit), core values, boundaries, dreams and desires and inspired action. My FAVORITE subject to teach is journaling and I have published a daily journal with exercise that will keep you tuned into your intuition.

Meet the most Calm, Confident and Capable version of you through the powerful practice of putting pen to paper.

During this session you will be guided through a series of simple journal prompts that when practiced daily help take you out of the chaos of the external physical world and remind you of the powerful energetic creator you truly are. You will learn how to tune into your energetic frequency to give yourself what you need, tell the difference between the 2 voices in your head, get clear about what you really want from this life and get excited about what your soul is here to create.

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