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Kelly Gray

I am a healer and coach for women who are adult daughters of overwhelmed or difficult mothers, also known as 'The Mother Wound'. The work I do with women falls in two main areas: healing childhood wounds and creating a more vibrant, confident, connected, and meaningful life. I understand the pain of being under mothered, because it's my story too. I am a student of Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry Program. I am also a certified life coach, meditation teacher, cacao facilitator, and gender-inclusive program facilitator. In the past several years, I've worked with plant medicines in Amazonian Peru with the Shipibo, most recently in June of 2022. I continue to expand my knowledge and application of the healing arts, trauma, inner exploration, and the therapeutic use of psychedelics for healing and wellness. A little more about me, I have a stack of books on hand that will take me a year to get through and I can't wait to read them all. I'm overcome with wonder when looking at the night sky. I love our River Valley. I live on Treaty 6 territory with my partner and my pup Louie.

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