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Katie Jolicoeur

Katie Jolicoeur is a Counselor who specializes in Somatic Experiencing,she has over a decade of experience in the wellness industry as a yoga and meditation facilitator who focused on working with trauma. Katie is skilled at creating a non judgmental and compassionate container for clients, students, and folks in need. Katie works with women and mothers who feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and like they can’t see themselves in their own life. Together Katie will support you as you build relationships with self, understanding and knowing who you are, in order to set boundaries and live a life that feels connected to who you are, not to who you think you should be or what you think others expect of you. To move away from the overwhelming stress and tension of getting through the day and build capacity for joy and pleasure. Creating the
ability for you to connect with your inner knowing, your innate wisdom, and be comfortable and in love with who you are. Embracing all pieces and parts of yourself and your experiences.

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