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Kassandra + Angela Nichol

Together, my sister, Angela and I have created a community of Enriched Women and Mothers alike. We are passionate about empowering women and helping them connect back to self - to cultivate more love for self and know that they are enough. To help them learn ways to support themselves through all the ups and downs that both life and motherhood bring.

Kassandra teaches both Yoga and meditation. She is also a certified grief counselor and more recently is training to become a certified life coach w/ law of attraction.
Follow Kassandra on Instagram: @kassandra.nichol

Angela is an Emotional Freedom Techniques “EFT Tapping”, Clearing Work Practitioner, as well as Certified in Breathwork - focusing on rewiring and healing the subconscious and conscious mind simultaneously.
Follow Angela on Instagram: @angnichol

We strongly believe that each one of us brings our own unique magic to the world and are both on a mission to help women and mothers in particular find themselves outside of being just a mother, a wife, a friend - to move beyond the labels that confine us to a small box.

Connect with Angela on Instagram:@angnichol
Connect with Kassandra on Instagram: @kassandra.nichol

Mother Wounds

The theme of our workshop is Mother Wounds and we will be sharing ways to mother oneself in the absence of their mother (in all the ways, whether it be it a strained mother relationship, adoption, death of a mother, etc.)

We will share our stories - Kassandra sharing about her journey through grief and mothering her children without her mother alongside her, learning ways to support and mother herself, finding forgiveness and breaking ancestral chains that keep us “stuck” and reliving old patterns and trauma. Angela will share her journey through motherhood and her strained relationship with her mother - a relationship that left her feeling unloved, undernourished, and like a black sheep. She will share the effects this had on her growing up and how it’s affected her in her own motherhood journey in the way she now mothers her own children for the next generation.

Kass will guide the group through meditation and an embodiment practice followed by tapping and breathwork with Angela. These modalities will aid in clearing away emotions and energy that needs to shift while diving into our mother wounds. There will be space to share afterwards to hold space for reflection and stories.

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