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Karli Kuruz

Mother & Muse. I am often found flowing and transforming in direct relationship with my life at any given moment, which means I'm always changing! I've done many things and held many titles including retreat organizer, yoga and meditation teacher, studio owner, women's circle facilitator, wellness practitioner, etc. but none are as pure as the following truth: my soul purpose is in alchemizing my current experiences of life into he(art) service. My deepest desire is to create a space for you to be held within where you can meet yourself fully as you are and remember the beauty and grace available to you in every moment of your life.

Cha Dao: The Way of Tea

So often in our hurried about lives we forget to stop and take a moment just to be. We forget that within a single moment of stillness exists all of the possibilities for moving forward. Tea ceremony is an opportunity to be still with your beating heart. To take note of where you are and how you want to move from here. Through the alchemy of the elements, a perfectly steeped bowl of tea invites you to meet yourself exactly as you are and to take refuge within the stillness and silence. Followed by heart-sharing and community connections. you are guaranteed to leave this space forever changed by a single bowl of tea. Please bring your own cup!

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