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Karla Rice

Karla is a bold and passionate holistic health practitioner & wellness enthusiast.

A busy Mom of 3 sweet littles, Karla believes in owning EVERYTHING about her life and loves inspiring those around her to do the same.

Karla walked through the fires of childhood trauma and mental health challenges. At 19 she told her story and finally felt seen and heard. She turned her pain into power with years of healing work and different modalities.

Karla’s quest for wellness and nourishment led her into a decade-long career as a registered nurse. Following a miscarriage and the birth of her third child, Karla became disenchanted with what felt like a “band-aid” approach to the traditional medical system. This led her to follow her intuition deeper on the path toward nourishment and whole-food health.

Karla studied Holistic Nutrition and recently stepped away from her role as a registered nurse to fully pursue her role as a Holistic Practitioner.

As a Joy and Wellness Warrior, Karla is passionate about helping others to own their story, take full responsibility for their wellness and teach them how to nourish themselves and feel better in their bodies. She uses a holistic approach to teach and guide the ready ones to reclaim their health with sacred discipline and loving compassion.

Karla’s experience in western medicine & natural nutrition combined with Joy Sessions™ Facilitator certification allows her to teach her clients and community how to discover their innate healing abilities and feel like sunshine in their bodies!

You are your own best healer and your body is your home. It’s Karla’s deepest belief that our bodies want to be seen, heard and honoured by us. Allow her to show you how…

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