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Jana Roemer

In search for a teacher, I found the stars. In the stars, I found light in a dark space. I recognize that they reflect what resides within. This map has become invaluable to my life and I want to share that understanding with you."

Jana is a Libra Sun with a Virgo Stellium and written all over her chart are notes of being an orator, leader, gatherer of Souls and devoted Mystic, which is confirmed by the way she lives her life. She's here to evoke transformation through Practices of Self Love.

After 22 years of travel & study, 15 years in the role of teacher and seven years living in Venice, California, Jana & her family have nestled up in the mountains of Nelson, BC. Along with her husband, Mark Roemer, they have two hilarious children: Freddie Wilde, who is eight and August Wolfe who is three. These kids have stretched their heart's capacity for love, awoken emotional responsiveness, sensitivities and challenges beyond measure. Family life is by far her most profound teacher these days. In the winter, you can find Jana + Freddie at the local ski hill and in the summer, you'll find the whole family lounging by the pool, gardening or out exploring old growth forests near their home.

After a decade of facilitating 200/300 hr teacher trainings, Jana is devoted to training guides of the ancient practice of yoga nidra, as well as continuing to develop her own signature blend of astrology and yoga nidra, the Astro Nidras. She's also a little obsessed with her Healy and New Moon Circles, eight years and counting!

Cancer New Moon Circle and Astro Nidra

This whole weekend happens during the Balsamic Moon Phase leading up to the Cancer New Moon. The Moon of the Great Divine Mother.

This Balsamic Moon phase is one of slowly folding inward, reflecting on the wisdom of the previous lunar cycle. Harvesting the seeds of wisdom which then are propagated so life and love and nurturance can flourish.

The Sun and Moon are coming into an applying opposition to Pluto retrograde in the final degree of Capricorn. Mars in Virgo in an applying opposition to Saturn in Pisces. Some might feel a strong tug of war between dreams and realities. A tipping point between old outdated, Patriarchal ways of operating in the world and birthing a Matriarchal Village. The old world is dissolving, slipping through our fingertips while new worlds are being born in the hearts and the Souls of collaborative communities.

In this session, Jana will anchor ceremony, share astrological insights through storytelling and weave it through your essential beingness through the practice of Astro Nidra. As the wisdom of the Cosmos speaks through you, we'll close the circle with intention setting and magic to leave you inspired, elevated and prepared for what is coming.

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