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Darlene Blanch

“I love to gather people. I also love to love and BE LOVE. I have been on a lifelong journey of self-healing that has spanned half a century. My time on earth has brought many challenges, traumas, and mental, emotional, energetic and physical dis-ease. I have also experienced joy, growth, healing, abundance, and prosperity along the way. I return home to myself daily by committing to self-evolution and the steadfast choice to create the life that I desire through my thoughts, words and actions.

As a bridge between Spirit and Earth, I want to share who I am with others while holding space for others to meet themselves through the process of self inquiry, authority, responsibility, expression, creativity and community.

I am not interested in listing the certificates, trainings and reasons why someone should come and spend time with me. I am interested in showing up with my lifetime of teachings, downloads, vulnerability, connection to Spirit, and my humanity to facilitate an experience that supports people receiving whatever it is that they need to see, know, understand and transmute in the moment.”

Embodied Movement and Manifestation Practice

“Kula” is a Sanskrit word which translates to community, family, clan or tribe. As a bridge between Spirit and Earth, I want to share who I am with other women while holding space for them to meet themselves through the process of self-inquiry, authority, responsibility, expression, creativity and community.
This practice uses embodied movement, music, manifestation, and freedom of expression by opening our voice. It is through our body that we connect to everything else, which is why we utilize the technology of the body to connect to God, the Quantum Field, Universe and Source, this is where all magic and possibility exists. By guiding women home to the sanctuary of their body, we are able to connect to our inner listening, self-heal, and powerfully create our reality.

Embodied healing transforms mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or energetic dis-ease, trauma, wounds or dis-function that is preventing one from living the life that they want. The incorporation of embodied movement and manifestation allows us to move energy through the body to create transformation in all aspects of our life.

Come and feel what you need to feel, see what you need to see, heal what you need to heal, and hear what you need to hear to harvest a deeper connection with yourself. When we show up for ourselves, we show up for each other. We are wired for connection and community, women used to come together to gather food, celebrate, dance, bleed, survive, laugh, grieve, exalt and be connected though the human experience. Come together and see what is possible for you through the power of collective intention, expression and healing.

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