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Darlene Blanch

The Experimental Sessions methodology was co-created by Darlene Blanch and Danica Slattery. The knowledge that must be known to women everywhere is that everything that has ever happened to us is stored in the memory field of our body. Over time our body can become congested with stuff that no longer serves us, this congestion leads to dysfunction and disease. The Experimental Sessions utilize sounding, breath, movement and vibration to clear stagnant energy and create space for the things that you want to draw into your life. We incorporate a manifestation process into the practice to actively and powerfully create the life we want. We are deeply devoted to the Divine flow of the Feminine and we allow this flow to lead us in how we live and how we lead others. The pillars of our practice are: sovereignty, personal responsibility, body wisdom & curiosity and wonder. We believe that every person has the ability to heal themselves and the first place to start is to develop a deeper connection to our body and its sensations and messages.Trauma lives in the body, people can often go to talk therapy for years and talk about it, but that does not do anything to somatically feel and move the trauma out of the body. TES are for every body, we guide people to find their yes and no, and to see if they are overriding their own needs. This practice has been paramount in healing our childhood trauma and we have witnessed rapid transformation in our students.

The Experimental Sessions Embodiment, Movement and Manifestation Practice

This somatic-based movement methodology utilizes sound, breath, vibration and
movement to excavate stagnant energy, alchemize emotions, clear trauma, and create
space in the body. This methodology is based on the premise that the body holds the
memory field of everything that has ever happened to us – even when the mind doesn’t
remember, the body does. Over time, the body becomes congested with stored
memories (conscious or unconscious) that do not serve us.

In this session, we combine the process of clearing out what no longer serves, while
calling in what we do want to create transformation within our lives. We use a “bottom-
up” approach, where we do not tell the body what to do, but rather allow the body to
show us the way and communicate what it needs. The intention is to re-introduce each
of us to our innate body intelligence and honor the needs that unique body holds.
Throughout the session, we will guide you in an exploration of breathing, sounding,
speaking gibberish, shaking, jumping, and moving the body in unconventional ways. In
this process, we allow the body, voice, and breath to move freely (without restraint,
control or judgment). This means free-flowing, uninhibited, wild expression may arise
throughout the practice – all is welcome here. There is no part of you that is not
welcome in this practice, and there is no way of moving your body, using your voice, or
expressing yourself that is off limits.

This is not a workout or a dance class, rather an exploration that invites us to break free
of conditioned patterns and beliefs by clearing suppressed emotions, past traumas, and
unprocessed thoughts.

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