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Christine Lu Singh

Christine (you can call her Tine!) is a Chinese Canadian Breathwork Coach & Intuitive Guide. She believes in the power of our breath to let go of old stories and I help people rediscover the magic and natural gifts they have within.

After a decade of building a successful career in PR & Marketing, Tine decided to take a leap of faith and left the corporate world behind to pursue what lit her soul up the most. A year of adventure ensued with her saying yes to new opportunities, learning many lessons on self love and personal growth along the way.
With her love of bringing people together, she began to curate unique experiences inspiring people to awaken their intuition by tapping into their inner joy through intuitive arts and crafts, mindful cooking, meditation, tarot readings, sister circles and more.

In 2021, Tine gave birth to her sassy toddler and and the best-selling book The Rising Sisterhood: Rise With Us: How to Step Into Your Own Power & Change Your Narrative.

Tine is passionate about supporting people on their healing journeys and offers Breathwork Sessions, Intuitive Readings, Distance Reiki Energy Healing as well as 1:1 Coaching. Join Tine on a self-healing journey to awaken your intuition to rediscover the magic you already have within.
She is also a Certified Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master.

Connect with her on Instagram at @breathewithtine to stay up to date on upcoming workshops and latest happenings.

Rise In Your Power: A Breathwork, Reiki and Aromatherapy Experience

Breathwork is a powerful healing modality that can help you strip away layers of old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your wildest dreams. Let your breath take you on a journey of awakening your intuition and reconnecting you with your truth in order to CLAIM and RISE IN YOUR POWER.
Christine Lu Singh (she/hers), Breathwork Coach & Intuitive Guide will lead you through an empowering Breathwork session, amplified with Reiki energy healing and supportive Aromatherapy to help you release what’s no longer serving you. No previous experience is required. All you need is an open heart and mind. You will leave feeling lighter, rejuvenated and inspired to lead with love from your heart.

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