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Chauntelle Atcheynum

Chauntelle Atcheynum is a Nehiyaw Iskwew, a Plains Cree Woman, from Sweetgrass First Nation in
Saskatchewan on the Treaty No. 6 Territory. Chauntelle is the Founder and Artist of Mamawi Creations, an
offering of sacred adornments handwoven in prayer with ancestral traditions of beadwork. She is also the
Founder of All My Relations, a new pathway of reconciliation that restores balance and harmony in our
sacred relationship with all of creation through the power of love.

With a passion for gathering women together, Chauntelle has held countless medicine circles, workshops,
events, and programs that welcome women to tend to their inner realms with love, care and prayer to restore harmony and balance in their lives. She is currently embarking on a new adventure of Reclaiming the Ceremony of Woman and all that this Sacred Path encompasses. Her prayer is to breathe life into the traditions of woman’s medicine, indigenous birth ceremonies and practices, and rites of passage that honour the ever-unfolding path of woman.

Chauntelle is joining us from Salt Spring Island, BC.

The Medicine Within

A talk on weaving a new way of reconciliation as leaders, healers, and medicine women.

We know it. In our hearts, in our wombs, in our spirit: we know what is possible. When we come together in
the spirit of love, we awaken the truth deep within. We are the weavers of our reality and we have the power
to weave a new way. A way in which the sacred relationship we share with all of creation is upheld with
unshakeable integrity.

We are The Ones Who Know. We remember who we are, where we come from and why we are here. We are
attuned to the rhythms of the moon, the womb, and the mother. We are always listening. The Medicine
Within is awakening in each of us now. It is time to step into our rightful place as leaders of love, weavers of a new way, centred in the heart of creation. Each one of us holds a thread that weaves into the great prayer
blanket we will wrap the world in.

What is your thread? What is your medicine?

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