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Caroline Stewart

As a Soulful Space Holder, Guide of Meditation, and Visionary Life + Business Coach, I empower heart-centred humans go from craving connection and deeper meaning to living on purpose with crystal clear Vision and confidence to stand fully in their Divine Power.

I am a dream chaser, adventure seeker, teacher, student, and lover of the quiet. I’m all about sitting with it, writing about it and practicing before I preach.

I am a multi-passionate Soulpreneur who is currently best known for leading a 200-hr Online Meditation Teacher Training, offering inspirational workshops and Retreats and sharing the love however I can. I’ve built multiple successful businesses in the Health & Wellness industry over the past 15 years, been through the gamut of all the things that can and do go wrong, and learned a sh*t ton along the way about how to lead with heart and to build a solid Soul-centred biz that brings ABUNDANCE in ALL areas of your life (finances, health, relationship, and soul growth).

As founder and Director of Inspiration for InspirED Me, I love working in creative and transformative ways, with people who share my passion for joy and authenticity.

I share this message of inspiration openly and authentically through mentoring, business growth coaching, teaching, and the written word.

Accessing Ancestral Wisdom Through the Breath.

Breath has the power to connect and unify all aspects of our living history - past, present and future. Through the breath we tune into the Ancestral Wisdom available to us, and recognize our own sacred responsibility to tend to the work of our times and leave a life-sustaining legacy for the Future Ones to come. As part of the offering, I share an Ancestral Wisdom Activation Breath Practice

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