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Brittany Uchach

My knowledge and passion for healing the body through fascia has changed my life as well as many of my clients. It is my passion and medicine to share this with others and help them get out of any emotional and physical suffering. Through understanding how and where the body stores emotions and trauma, I use fascial maneuvers to start unwinding and releasing the layers which in turn restores the body to its natural state and creates a container for the body to start healing from the inside out. Releasing the fascia helps the body heal from the dis-ease in which its experiencing. Along with creating space for trapped emotions and trauma to be released in the body. Fascia is far more intelligent and important than what we first thought. It is a major player in the health of our bodies.

Healing the Body and Mind through Fascia

Learn how to take your power back in your healing journey, with fascial maneuvers. Releasing trapped emotions, trauma and past experiences the body de-commits to stress and resolves any dis-ease.

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