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Angie Clark

Angie Clark is a trauma informed yoga instructor and entrepreneur from Edmonton, AB. Shortly after leaving her job as a cruise ship dancer in 2008, Angie was introduced to yoga and fell in love with the practice. In 2015, she quit her 9-5 job to pursue a 200 Hour RYT Tantra yoga teacher training in Ecuador. This is where she experienced her first moment of “awakening”, which inspired her to continue the newfound journey of self-discovery. Since then, she has devoutly expanded her practice and education, both at home and abroad.
Angie has been teaching yoga for 7 years and throughout that time,has instructed over 1000 studio classes, multiple workshops and have created, organized and lead multi-day retreats. As part of her personal journey of healing, she also has taken up writing poetry and spoken word meditation.
Angie finds great joy in creating different styles of classes and experiences to help students of all skill levels dive deeper into their bodies and emotions. Angie facilitates from her intuition while focusing on the crucial connection between mind and body. This approach allows her to become a witness to her student's breakthroughs and also her own.
In working through her own trauma via intensive group and individual clinical therapy, personal research, as well as investing in her own restorative yoga practice; She has developed a foundation of compassion and empathy for the complexity of each individual’s human experience. With an understanding of, and passion for, the connection between mind, body and emotions; Angie believes sharing this knowledge with as many women as possible will help empower each individual on their own unique journey.

When Birth Trauma Happens- Time to Release Yourself: A Yoga Journey

This workshop would be beneficial for anyone who has experienced trauma, but is geared towards birth trauma. Unfortunately, there is so much shame and guilt when birth doesn’t go as planned. I felt alone and isolated when it happened to me and I had so much guilt afterwards and the inability to talk about it.

I hope that I can be that beacon of light for women that may be secretly struggling; and give them a safe place to start the healing process, by helping them to start to unload the heavy burden of carrying birth trauma alone.

Most of my workshops are created with the intention of acknowledging and releasing trauma. It can be a more thorough experience if the participant is open and willing; however if they are not, it is still an informative and restorative practice. This practice can help create trust within oneself and help set up building blocks for future opportunities to heal and release old wounds.

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