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Angeli Knight & Emily Mattingsley

About Angeli:
Angeli has been on the path of yoga, self inquiry, and sensual self love for 15 years. Her approach with all beings is compassion and warmth, while she is true to honoring the divine ferocity that lives within her. She has admiration for the grace that becomes available when she devotes herself to full, whole hearted responsibility for her choices, responses and actions. The ability to be in harmony and awareness with how we respond to our circumstances is a gift we can give ourselves. Angeli teaches with a radiant heart, who weaves a frequency of curiosity, sovereignty, ritual, and devotion into her offerings. She wants to inspire a more alive and luscious experience in the fountain of our beings so we may all overflow with never ending nectar.

Follow Angeli on Instagram: @reclaimingritual

About Emily:
My name is Emily and I’m the founder of Moujamoon, an online platform where I guide women beyond the fear and frustration of our fertility and blood, by teaching the empowering reproductive health education we never got growing up. My offerings include cycle charting (FAM), infused with medicinal arts like movement / meditation / contemplation, so women and menstruators can connect to the deepest wisdom available - the one that is found within. I facilitate immersive experiences that expand the paradigm of what it means to be vibrant and fulfilled as reverence for the Feminine rises again.

Follow Emily on Instagram: @moujamoon
Discover Emily's website & offerings:

GAZE: The Exploration of Being Seen

Letting yourself be seen both requires and creates vast openings on every level of our being. The conditions needed for these openings aren’t sourced from the forced efforts…but rather from our vulnerable willingness to play with life.

When we allow ourselves to be seen, we invite in an authentic reflection of self. We find out that we are perfect in our humanness afterall, and beyond deeply enough.

In this GAZING journey you can expect various opportunities to explore the art of being seen in sacred sisterhood. Through transformative practices that wise women have been doing since the days of the red tent, we will invite you to show up with curiosity and courage.

Angeli and Emily will guide us into the sacredness of our eyes, hearts, and yonis through meditation, movement, breath, conversation & contemplation as we expand your edge of being seen with various gazing practices.

In this workshop, we guide women from gazing inwards with mediation, to gazing into others with eye contact practices and sharing circles, with a final invitation to disrobe and gaze at each other's beautiful yonis in a safe and consciously curated space.

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